French American Chamber of Commerce’s President invites you at the French Weeks Miami [fr]

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Opening cocktail 2014
Opening speech of FACC’s President, Séverine Gianese-Pittman at the Consul’s residence, edition 2014 Credits: Consulat general of France

e-Toile: Severine Gianese, you will open the 8th edition of French Weeks Miami on October 29th, 2015. Prior to introducing its program, could you remind us French Weeks Miami’s main objectives?

-  Séverine Gianese-Pittman: With French Weeks we hope to accomplish two goals. On one hand, it is an opportunity for the French-American community to get to know one another by attending significant events. On the other hand, it allows those who are less exposed to French presence, the opportunity to discover its prints in Florida. French Weeks represents an unparalleled moment, rich in exchanges and meetings. It also depicts a unique showcase of France. French expertise will be displayed in a variety of fields: gastronomy, art, and culture, along with its latest feature, fashion.

  • What has changed over the years?

- Like South-Florida itself, whose life is more dynamic and vibrant every day, the French presence is growing. The French community, which is also increasingly more diversified, offers a vast array of know-how that could be explored during French Weeks. Thanks to its rich program, there is a source of interest for all.

  • The French Weeks Miami’s original motto is “Where French Culture and business meet.” Eight years later, does this still hold true?

- Yes, of course. Throughout the year, the French-American Chamber of Commerce organizes no less than 20 events per year, all business-oriented.
Thanks to our partners, French Weeks is a remarkable occasion adding cultural and social components to our program.

  • For the first time, FRAMCO (the French American Business Council of South Florida), is joining the event by enriching its gastronomic segment. Can you tell us more about the upcoming events scheduled for the West coast of Florida?

- French presence surpasses Miami. For this reason, this year, we start to widen to in both Broward County and Tampa Bay in order to promote those regions as well. On the West coast of Florida, we are fortunate to be supported by FRAMCO, which fosters the development of French-American businesses in Tampa. Thanks to FRAMCO, the 2015 edition of French Weeks is offering menus from more than 10 restaurants located in the Tampa Bay area, as well as a roundtable focusing on French gastronomy on November 2, 2015.

  • What are some other new attractions that will be featured this year?

- The largest feature of 2015 is the double theme of gastronomy and lifestyle, which are so quintessential to the French touch.
The first week, called “French Taste”, will be highlighted by a roundtable focusing on import of French culinary product to the United States with the participation of representatives of the U.S. Customs Border Protection Miami Office.
During “French Taste” running from October 29 to November 5th, 34 different French restaurants in South Florida will also set your table with out-of-the-ordinary menus.
The second week unveils “French Style”, which emphasizes fashion and well-being. An innovative roundtable on the biodiversity of the cosmetic industry promises to be very educational while “La Petite Fair” on November 11 is more family friendly.

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  • Who are your main partners for this 2015 edition?

- We have the amazing opportunity to work with different partners. First and foremost, we would like to thank the French Consulate in Miami in maintaining an unwavering support, and the French American Business Council of West Florida (FRAMCO), and also the Florida International University (FIU), the Miami-Florida Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence, and the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF), organizations whose support is essential to the success of French Weeks. There are also those that contribute daily to the French community and take the time to organize top notch events: the Multilingual Society, Iniva, Le Courrier de Floride, Michele Fontanière and Lola, and the American Friends of Blérancourt. Let us not forget our partners that host the events: Gray Robinson, Miami Ironside, the Betsy Hotel, and the restaurant Pléthore, and Balthazar, which will host the closing cocktail. The French Horn’s musicians will perform as well during the opening cocktail inviting us to discover new flavors. I’m sure there are some benefactors that I’ve left out and I hope they will forgive me.

Finally, there are our sponsors, without whom there wouldn’t be French Weeks: Air France, Barclays, Club Med, Jade Associates, WellAway and the CFE, Barton & Guestier, Payer Fusion, 7Spirit, Artkalia, Gianese-Pittman P.A., Essence Corp, S2H Communications, Lorina and Teo Jasmin.

  • What last words would you like to say to appeal to our readers hesitating to participate in this great French experience in South Florida?

- If there is a time during the year, in which those from the French community should leave their homes, this is it! Every year, there are those that tell us that they regret having missed out this rare occasion to meet new people, discover new talents, and learn something new. Don’t be one of them and join us next Thursday, October 29 at 6pm to attend its opening.

Visit for the complete program and reservations.

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