An event supporting a unique organization: French International Program Association (FIPA)

On Saturday, April 14th, 2012 the FIPA’s 22nd gala will be held at the residence of the Consul General of France in Miami. Save the date as it is a major event to support this non-profit educational organization. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about it.

FIPA: a liaison between French authorities, parents and local education authorities.

JPEGFipa is a non profit organisation, created 20 years ago to be a link between Miami Dade Public System and French government in order to provide a unique bilingual French and American education system.


  • UNIQUE because it happens to offer a great academic level of education in both French and American language and contents.
  • UNIQUE because it is homologous by both French and US systems.
  • UNIQUE of course because this system is taught in PUBLIC schools and therefore is at no cost for parents.

But in these days of recession and economical crisis, this system is fragile. And the whole community needs to be aware and participating and supporting.

In 2011/2012, FIPA financed teachers training program, paid for 1 hour per week of French at Sunset Elementary in order to keep classroom at a level of 22 children per class, financed hours of tutoring at ISCHS for 8th graders and as every year financed the visas and airfare tickets for the teachers sent from France.

One of the major projects FIPA is currently working on is to set up a scientific track for high school at ISCHS.

The stronger FIPA will be, the better our education system will remain.

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